4 reasons to accept, love, and embrace Afro hair


Afro-hair is very common in African countries and it comes in different textures, in different ethnic groups of Africa. This type of hair does look very different from other more common types. The ones advertised the most in the media can make people with it feel left out or unsure about whether it’s a good or bad feature to have.

Some people who have afro hair don’t consider it a distinct and unique feature to have. Some are not even sure whether they should love it, as it can be hard to style.

If you’re one lucky afro-head, who enjoys and embraces their afro hair confidently then good for you! If not, then we’re here to give you more than a couple of reasons to learn to accept it, love it, and embrace it. 

4 reasons to love your afro hair:

1- It looks unique and endearing:

Regardless of how many people around you has afro hair like yours, in the end, let’s not forget that it can have a special type of charm and uniqueness. You will find out rather sooner than later that if you’re a tactile person then having curly afro hair can be an advantage!

Your partner, friends, or anyone who’s close enough to you to be able to touch your hair, will not hesitate to play with its beautiful little curls and roll them around their fingers while you’re laying on a sofa or bed. It can be very exotic, unique, and endearing.

Playing with your curls is not a bad thing to do as long as you’re close enough to the person and comfortable with them doing so. And, if you have this type of hair then you will already know how inviting it can be and how tempting to touch it can be to others.

As you grow through different phases of life, you will notice that some people don’t shy away from expressing their genuine fascination with your hair and its gravity-defying capacities.

2- It’s easy to style:

If you have nice afro hair that’s curly, puffy, and voluminous; then you may be very familiar with how easy and beautiful it is to just wash it, put oil or wax on it, and let it float in different shapes and curls around your head, with no care in the world.

It can be beautiful and out-of-this-world, especially when dyed as the curls create shadows that intensify the color in some places and make it look lighter in others. This can give your hair a special type of beauty and charm.

3- It adds character and charisma to your looks:

What’s a better accessory than good long curled-up afro hair to match and rock all of your outfits and looks? Nothing!

Contrary to common belief, Afro hair when treated the right way and maintained can grow longer. It can become as long as you wish for it to be and add a lot of character, attitude, and even charisma to your appearance. It can be hard to learn to care for and look after your beautiful curly African hair in a simple, uncomplicated, efficient, and easy manner. But, it’s not impossible.

Plus what’s nicer than a beautiful woman with hair that dances around the hair as she moves, adding personality and character to every single thing she does? Again: Nothing!

4- You can always straighten it if you get bored of it:

People who have curly hair naturally may have tried or considered styling or straightening it, at least once, and that’s okay. You shouldn’t feel like you have to justify or explain something that you choose to do to your own hair and body, as long as it’s not something harmful to your health.

Most Afro hairstyles are extremely easy to straighten permanently or use strong Brazilian or Asian hair straightening treatments. It’s a type of hair that can be very flexible and styled every once in a while without worrying about the roots growing back any time soon.

The reason for this is because African hair grows slowly compared to other kinds of hair which typically grow at a faster pace. Therefore, it needs more time to grow out and expose roots that have not received treatment.

Bottom line:

Afro hair is natural, curly, and thick hair that comes in different shades of black. It has been considered a beautiful and unique miracle of nature by some people for centuries. Many African people have used their natural hair texture for the purpose of beauty and art.

Good maintenance is key before you can learn to embrace it and accept it as part of your identity. as it has large amounts of frizz and tangles, it can be very difficult to handle and tame.

However, with the right tools and routine at hand, you can learn to make it look as beautiful as possible and it can start making you proud, confident, and happy in no time.